100 simple and easy ways to stay healthy in 2018

Because I (impulsively) felt compelled…

Here’s a list of 100 small things you can do to stay healthy in 2018 –

Stay hydrated:

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

2. Invest in a water filter

3. Add flavor to your pitcher – something without calories

4. Use an app to track how much water you’re drinking

5. Keep a gallon nearby – get your bro on

6. Consume more water-rich foods (plenty of veggies)

7. Use a marked water bottle

8. Get your La Croix on, or any type of carbonated water brand

9. Sip some water before each meal

10. Drink a glass after every bathroom break

11. Set alarms on your phone to get up and drink some water

Sleep well, and often:

12. Resist the snooze button (it’s not high quality sleep when you hit the snooze button)

13. Set an alarm to go to bed

14. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed

15. Make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible, invest in blackout curtains

16. Maintain a cool temp (67-69 degrees if possible)

17. Cut off the caffeine consumption by early afternoon

18. Avoid screens for at least a half an hour before bed, eliminate the artificial light

19. Exercising regularly will help you maintain a healthy sleep schedule

20. Avoid eating right before bed

21. Cut out all of the noise, unless you sleep with a fan, in which case, white noise is your friend

22. Keep your pets out of bed, unless they’re very polite and exist in the same spot, as not to disturb your slumber time

23. Make sure your mattress and bedding aren’t abusing you

24. Keep a consistent sleep schedule – wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time

25. Yoga and meditation before bed can prime you for restful sleep

26. Deep breathing can help prime you for sleep, as well

27. Hot showers/baths before bed

28. Take Melatonin an hour before bed

29. Invest in a comfy, non-obtrusive sleep mask

30. Journal before bed, specifically what’s bugging you

31. Avoid excessive liquid intake before bed

32. Invest in a brand new pillow

Get introspective/mindful:

33. Consider seeing a therapist as a means to talk through your life issues–it will translate and transfer itself to other facets of life, making you an overall healthier person mentally and physically

34. Consider journaling in the morning to get your thoughts out–you can practice gratitude journaling, you can “brain-dump” your thoughts out, or you can simply write down 3 things you hope to get done by the end of the day

35. Read books that challenge and empower you, as this will translate to peace of mind and ultimately, a healthier mind/body

Make exercise easy:

36. Establish some realistic, and specific goals, and attach timelines to them

37. Keep your workout clothes/shoes somewhere in your line of sight, and somewhere you can grab them easily (car, next to your bed)

38. Get a workout partner, hold them accountable and make sure they do the same

39. Hire a professional – skin in the game + expertise = accountability

40. Make a bet with a coworker

41. Walk outside whenever you get the chance.

42. Set a concrete workout time throughout the week and stick to it – set alarms in your phone if you have to – example: Mon/Wed/Fri at 7:00am-8:00 non-negotiable

43. Ask your HR department for some information regarding incentives to stay healthy and active – you could get paid to work out

44. Make some bomb-ass playlists on Spotify to work out to

45. Buy a FitBit, and count your steps

46. Gamify your workouts by using apps

47. Think of something active you can do while watching TV

48. Introduce yourself to some podcasts that you can listen to while working out – if they’re inspirational or empowering, double score

49. Keep your gym bag stocked and in your trunk

50. Don’t end the workday unless you’ve worked out – think of it like this: you don’t get paid if you don’t work out

51. Go into the gym with the expectation that you’ll just be walking for 3 minutes, everything after that is bonus – we do more once we actually make it to the gym

52. Trick your brain, it’s not that smart

53. Put a few bucks in a jar every time you exercise, at the end of the year, go on a mini-vacay or buy yourself something fancy

54. Re-examine how you view pain – pain is great in the right context – without pain, there can be no growth

55. Drink a glorious cup of coffee before working out – caffeine can be very beneficial before exercising

56. Exercise when it feels right for YOU – ask yourself, “what would this look like, if it were easy?”

57. Try yoga – free workouts on YouTube

58. Try group classes – many can be fun, and if you like the idea of working out with other people, there’s a possibility of community and accountability

59. Think of fun incentives for completing workouts

60. Think of it as self-care, because it is

61. Set alarms to get up and walk around if you have a particularly sedentary job

62. Go for a hike

63. Work out in the yard, or the garden, or play sports with your friends

64. Avoid comparing yourself to others – become a better version of yourself and cut the comparisons

65. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout, just get back on the horse asap

66. Take the stairs

67. Park far away from your destination

68. Remind yourself to enjoy the process – we’re all a work in progress

69. Do some active stretching/mobility work while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning

Make eating well easy:

70. Pick 5 sources of healthy protein, carbs and fats, and consume those foods 5-6 days a week

71. Prep your food for the week on the weekends

72. Prep ONLY your protein for the week on the weekends so you always have it available

73. Make a smoothie as a healthy snack: Protein powder, frozen fruit, water or almond milk, ice, a tiny bit of natural peanut butter, and pinch of oats and you’re good

74. Drinking water before and during meal time will help you feel more full and satiated

75. Keep your meals during the week as simple and easy to prepare as possible – convoluted recipes will be the death of your healthy eating

76. Avoid waiting until the end of the day to get most of your food – fast food after work needs to be a last resort

77. Incorporate mindful eating – pause before eating – pinpoint your “trigger” foods/drinks, the kinds of food and or drinks that influence you to consume more of the unhealthier food items

78. Limit alcohol – try drinking 1 day a week, or try cutting it completely

79. Use a meal prep service – many are affordable, and many are completely customizable – they can even prepare your food according to your macronutrient ratios

80. Make a grocery list and stick to it – don’t go to the grocery store hungry

81. Hire a professional to be your nutritional adviser

82. Buy in bulk – divide in portions

83. Tupperware can be your friend

84. Avoid eating out during the week

85. Use a smaller plate – science has backed this one

86. Opt for frozen over canned

87. Pace your meal time – slow down and you’ll more than likely consume less

88. Don’t buy crap in large quantities – if you’re going to have a cheat day in the week, buy crap at the gas station in single-serving portions and consume it that day – you’re much less likely to consume crap during the week if you don’t have it

89. Eat all the greens you want – massive salad adventures

90. Choose whole grains – they’ll help you feel more satiated

91. Avoid fat-free items – they add more carbs, so the calorie amount stays the same

92. Avoid sweetened drinks – avoid drinking calories

93. Prepare some healthy snacks that are easy to transport – example: apple and almond butter

94. Pack a protein bar, if you have to – Okay, so not optimal, but if the alternative is a candy bar, a protein bar is a far better option

95. Buy veggies pre-chopped and throw them in the skillet

96. Invest in an Instant Pot, or another crockpot and search the interwebs for some simple and healthy recipes

97. Eat the same thing 5-6 days a week – find out YOUR magic food amount for the ideal busy day and stick to it

98. Use MyFitnessPal to track your food intake

99. Avoid using your work’s fridge if it’s filled with crap

100. Expand your food horizons and explore some healthier items you’ve never had – you can cook with your significant other, try new things, and hopefully add to your healthy meal repertoire

If you have some more that you didn’t see on the list, I would love to see some ideas in the comments.

Cheers! Happy first month of 2018.

by Kyle Devlin

My name is Kyle Devlin, and I'm a certified personal trainer based in Kansas City, Missouri. My approach is simple - Consistent hard work and dedication equals success.

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