The Annoying People at The Gym: PART 1

Before I even begin typing out what could be an endless series of blogs, my mind is literally bursting with anger and frustration. I can feel my body getting warm, my heart rate increasing, and my palms getting clammy.  Just the thought of all the dumb shit I see at the gym is enough to give me a self-induced aneurism.

There are a lot of people who annoy me at the gym. A lot.

But there are 2 points I want to get across:

  1. It’s not just me who is annoyed by the actions of these certain individuals.
  2. These particular gym-goers may not realize what they’re doing, or why they’re doing it. They may or may not realize that they are annoying.

So, what exactly are they doing that is just so damn annoying? What unspoken rules are these patrons breaking?

They’re not picking up after themselves.

We’ve all worked out in gyms that have the people who never re-wrack their weights, or who leave resistance bands and yoga mats all over the place. We’ve all seen that bastard who puts 100 lb. plates on the leg press, only to perform 2 sets, and then quickly disappear… weights still on the machine.

What is wrong with these people? Were they raised in a desolate part of the rainforests of Brazil with an isolated tribe of people, the ones who don’t have words for “guilt” or “common courtesy?”  I can only assume that’s the explanation for such overt inconsiderateness.   Why do certain people NEVER feel the need to pick up their stuff?  That’s the first thing we’re taught as a child (one would hope).  If you pick something up that doesn’t belong to you, put it back where you found it.

One could argue that they are making the assumption that the front desk clerk is supposed to pick up their weights/equipment for them. That’s what they’re there for, right?  That’s what they get paid for.

But isn’t that a downright horrible thing to assume? Are you really the person that wants to have such a mentality?  The mentality of: “I’m a paying customer here, and I therefor refuse to pick up the heavy things I’ve inconveniently dragged away from designated spots.”

Screw you!

You may be stupid, but that’s still no excuse for being a total jerk. Re-wrack your weights!  Put up the equipment you’ve used!

They’re hogging machines, or they’re waiting for machines

I see both of these examples on a daily basis, and I want to give a personal trainer’s perspective on each.

I see people hogging machines. All the damn time.  It doesn’t necessarily affect me, as I can give someone a decent workout with minimal equipment.

I’m never going to need the machine they are guarding with their weak and scarce mind.

The reason it irks me on such a deep level is that it displays just how little that person knows. It also shows that that person is an inconsiderate ignoramus.  The fact that they sit on a machine tells me a couple of other things as well.  I can tell that they more than likely use that machine every time they enter the gym.  The preacher bicep curl machine (they so desperately guard) is their go to arm move.

“It gives you that sick arm pump, bro.” They own that machine for 6-8 sets.

My question/message to these people:

Did it ever occur to you, that you can do that particular movement in 100,000 different ways? Did it ever occur to you, that you could use dumbbells, barbells, EZ curl bars, resistance bands, TRX Bands, weight sticks, med balls, or cable machines?  The list goes on and on.  And it’s okay, if you don’t know.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  But if you don’t know, you should be asking, if you care about having a balanced/toned/shredded physique.  You don’t realize it, but you’re spinning your wheels.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not a good idea for anyone to use the same machine every time they work out. It will give them the opposite of their desired effect.

In order to get the most optimal results, you MUST vary your workouts.  Remember, the human body is designed specifically to adapt to stress.  You need to give it new things to adapt to, dude!  Often!!

There is really no reason to wait for machines, either. If you can’t use the leg extension machine – go do some squats, or dead lifts, or lunges, or bench step ups, or leg press, or any other leg exercise.  Don’t be that dipstiff huffing and puffing nearby, waiting for your turn on the leg machine.  You look and sound like someone I don’t want to be friends with.

They’re using multiple machines and or pieces of equipment

My question to these people is – Why?

Why do you need to be using a squat rack, a bench press, a pull up bar, 3 barbells, 2 sets of dumbbells, and a treadmill?

What are you doing exactly? The most complicated and convoluted circuit of all time?  Are you an Olympic athlete who needs to be done in 20 minutes?  Are you trying to break a record for using the most pieces of strength equipment at one time?

The bane of my existence.

I’m all for doing supersets. I love circuits.  But that doesn’t mean I need to 10 massive pieces of equipment to get the job done.

People who do this are either trying to show off, or have some seriously misguided ideologies regarding fitness. There’s a Crossfit box down the street (probably).  Go use all of their shit at the same time.  It’ll make for a killer WOD.

Until next time!

Stay tuned for ‘Part 2’

by Kyle Devlin

My name is Kyle Devlin, and I'm a certified personal trainer based in Kansas City, Missouri. My approach is simple - Consistent hard work and dedication equals success.

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