The Annoying People at The Gym: PART 1

Before I even begin typing out what could be an endless series of blogs, my mind is literally bursting with anger and frustration. I can feel my body getting warm, my heart rate increasing, and my palms getting clammy.  Just the thought of all the dumb shit I see at the gym is enough to give me a self-induced aneurism.

There are a lot of people who annoy me at the gym. A lot.

But there are 2 points I want to get across:

  1. It’s not just me who is annoyed by the actions of these certain individuals.
  2. These particular gym-goers may not realize what they’re doing, or why they’re doing it. They may or may not realize that they are annoying.

So, what exactly are they doing that is just so damn annoying? What unspoken rules are these patrons breaking?

They’re not picking up after themselves.

We’ve all worked out in gyms that have the people who never re-wrack their weights, or who leave resistance bands and yoga mats all over the place. We’ve all seen that bastard who puts 100 lb. plates on the leg press, only to perform 2 sets, and then quickly disappear… weights still on the machine.

What is wrong with these people? Were they raised in a desolate part of the rainforests of Brazil with an isolated tribe of people, the ones who don’t have words for “guilt” or “common courtesy?”  I can only assume that’s the explanation for such overt inconsiderateness.   Why do certain people NEVER feel the need to pick up their stuff?  That’s the first thing we’re taught as a child (one would hope).  If you pick something up that doesn’t belong to you, put it back where you found it.

One could argue that they are making the assumption that the front desk clerk is supposed to pick up their weights/equipment for them. That’s what they’re there for, right?  That’s what they get paid for.

But isn’t that a downright horrible thing to assume? Are you really the person that wants to have such a mentality?  The mentality of: “I’m a paying customer here, and I therefor refuse to pick up the heavy things I’ve inconveniently dragged away from designated spots.”

Screw you!

You may be stupid, but that’s still no excuse for being a total jerk. Re-wrack your weights!  Put up the equipment you’ve used!

They’re hogging machines, or they’re waiting for machines

I see both of these examples on a daily basis, and I want to give a personal trainer’s perspective on each.

I see people hogging machines. All the damn time.  It doesn’t necessarily affect me, as I can give someone a decent workout with minimal equipment.

I’m never going to need the machine they are guarding with their weak and scarce mind.

The reason it irks me on such a deep level is that it displays just how little that person knows. It also shows that that person is an inconsiderate ignoramus.  The fact that they sit on a machine tells me a couple of other things as well.  I can tell that they more than likely use that machine every time they enter the gym.  The preacher bicep curl machine (they so desperately guard) is their go to arm move.

“It gives you that sick arm pump, bro.” They own that machine for 6-8 sets.

My question/message to these people:

Did it ever occur to you, that you can do that particular movement in 100,000 different ways? Did it ever occur to you, that you could use dumbbells, barbells, EZ curl bars, resistance bands, TRX Bands, weight sticks, med balls, or cable machines?  The list goes on and on.  And it’s okay, if you don’t know.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  But if you don’t know, you should be asking, if you care about having a balanced/toned/shredded physique.  You don’t realize it, but you’re spinning your wheels.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not a good idea for anyone to use the same machine every time they work out. It will give them the opposite of their desired effect.

In order to get the most optimal results, you MUST vary your workouts.  Remember, the human body is designed specifically to adapt to stress.  You need to give it new things to adapt to, dude!  Often!!

There is really no reason to wait for machines, either. If you can’t use the leg extension machine – go do some squats, or dead lifts, or lunges, or bench step ups, or leg press, or any other leg exercise.  Don’t be that dipstiff huffing and puffing nearby, waiting for your turn on the leg machine.  You look and sound like someone I don’t want to be friends with.

They’re using multiple machines and or pieces of equipment

My question to these people is – Why?

Why do you need to be using a squat rack, a bench press, a pull up bar, 3 barbells, 2 sets of dumbbells, and a treadmill?

What are you doing exactly? The most complicated and convoluted circuit of all time?  Are you an Olympic athlete who needs to be done in 20 minutes?  Are you trying to break a record for using the most pieces of strength equipment at one time?

The bane of my existence.

I’m all for doing supersets. I love circuits.  But that doesn’t mean I need to 10 massive pieces of equipment to get the job done.

People who do this are either trying to show off, or have some seriously misguided ideologies regarding fitness. There’s a Crossfit box down the street (probably).  Go use all of their shit at the same time.  It’ll make for a killer WOD.

Until next time!

Stay tuned for ‘Part 2’

Getting in shape: Being prepared mentally is the first step

Getting in shape:  Being prepared mentally is the first step

Before we can truly change our physical nature, we must make some breakthroughs within.

It all starts intrinsically.

When we’re preparing ourselves to do anything in life, whether we’re trying to get a good grade on a test, get a promotion at work, or change our body composition – We MUST be mentally prepared to do it first.


Most people tend to have a lot of self-limiting beliefs about themselves. We tell ourselves that we can’t do something, and then – shockingly enough – we don’t do it.

You need to start challenging these self-limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself.

They are the destroyer of dreams. They are pure fabrications, created by our own subconscious in an effort to keep us “safe.” They will stifle your ability to really go after what you want in this life.

You cannot allow your self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs to dictate how you live your life.

Start asking yourself questions such as:

 Why do I hold these negative beliefs about myself?

 Why am I so sure I can’t do it?

 Where did this self-limiting belief originate? What is the source?

 Was there a time in my life where I proved my self-limiting beliefs wrong?

Once you have identified the source of the self-limiting belief, you have the power to deny its power over you.

How Beliefs Affect Us

Know this: you’re self-limiting beliefs are lies.

They are complete and utter bulls**t.

The source may originate from some source of fear or a feeling of insecurity, or scarcity in your life, but the fact remains, they are bulls**t. The sooner you realize that you’ve conditioned yourself to believe things that are going to keep you safe, small and complacent – the sooner you can come to the realization that you have the ability to change them. And changing these self-limiting beliefs will take a lot of practice.

In time, you will be replacing limiting beliefs into beliefs that will serve you on your journey. You must instill in yourself a set of beliefs that will inspire and empower you. You are capable of tremendous things.

You need to start believing it.

Change Your Mind

It helps to know exactly where you’re going, and it helps even more if you know the steps to get there. However, even with all the tools at your fingertips, you must be prepared to get there mentally first.

You must be ready and willing to change. You must utilize the infinite power of your mind to change everything on the outside. Change from within leads to changes in the outside environment. If you change your thoughts, you can change your entire world.

Change Your Thinking

You have to change your mind about fitness.

You have to rid yourself of all the misconceptions that you have about getting in shape, and getting healthy. Unfortunately, you’ve been told lies your entire life regarding all things related to fitness.

These lies come in the form of advertisements, magazines, billboards, television, movies, articles online, infomercials, and products being sold in your local grocery, and supplement stores.

It can be nearly impossible to weed through all of the misinformation that is constantly bombarding our attention with one sensationalist claim after another.

No Shortcuts

One of the main points I want to really drive home is this: getting in the best shape of your life is hard work.

There is no quick fix.

No magic pill, cream, wrap, vitamin, powder or supplement that will help you attain the body you’ve always wanted. Like most things goal related, getting in the best shape of your life requires dedication, time, and energy.

You really must accept this fact before you can be ready to change. When I say hard work, I mean consistent hard work. Consistency is crucial. Perseverance is critical.

Support Systems

One of the ways in which you can really keep yourself accountable is by having a nurturing support system around you. Don’t be afraid to tell the people in your life what you’re trying to accomplish.

Get them on your team.

Let them help you stay accountable. Sometimes making a declaration to the world of what your goal is will help ensure you succeed. But, don’t just talk the talk. You’ve got to take action. Your friends and family want you to succeed, and they will help you succeed. But you should let them know ahead of time, so they can give you reinforcement on your journey. They won’t allow you to slack.

Getting Rid Of the Negative People in Your Life

On the other side of the coin, if there are people in your life who you know may sabotage your ability to succeed; you may consider keeping them at a distance.

If you have a friend who is always inviting you out to eat or someone who always wants to go out to the bar to have “a few” drinks – it might be a good idea to separate from them for a while.

There will always be people in your life who won’t understand your goals and aspirations.

Unfortunately, you might be close with certain people who will knowingly try to diminish or squash your goals.

They may even try to make you feel bad about having goals!

They may not understand what it is you are trying to do, or they might even resent the fact that you’re doing something that they should be doing. In either case, you must determine who these people are and distance yourself from them. They will be no help to you on your journey. They will try to bring you down to their level and make you feel bad about your goals.

You don’t have to cut them out of your life completely, but you might consider doing so.

Remember, a true friend will encourage you. A true friend will be happy for you. A true friend will understand. A true friend will help you succeed. A true friend will be waiting for you at the finish line.

Self -Support

Comparison is the thief of joy. – Theodore Roosevelt

Comparing ourselves to others is human nature and we all do it.

Here’s a really important tip: don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t look at other people’s bodies and compare them to your own. The second you start comparing yourself to someone else, you’re going to feel bad about yourself. You’re going to feel unworthy. You’re going to start second guessing yourself. You’re going to start doubting why you even considered trying to improve your life and your health in the first place. Your self-limiting beliefs will re-emerge and sabotage you and your progress.

Realize that everyone is on their own journey. You are on your journey. Some are successful on their journeys and others are not as successful. This shouldn’t concern you. Focus on being the best version of yourself as possible. Strive to be a better you. The best “you” that could ever be. Better than the version of yourself that existed yesterday.

There’s no need to chase perfection, because perfection doesn’t exist. Comparing yourself to someone else is a fruitless, regressive endeavor.

Be content in knowing you’re building a better you. Get stronger. Challenge yourself. Take pride in the fact that you have made a decision to change your life for the better.

Enjoy the journey, and forget about the destination. Allow others to inspire you in a positive, proactive way. Then think about how you will be inspiring others very soon.

What are your biggest mental hurdles?  What are your biggest intangible obstacles?