Changing our thinking – when we desire food

Changing Our Desire –

I want you to try something for me.

I want you to imagine you have your favorite “junk food” or candy in front of you right now.  Maybe your favorite food is pizza, and you eat it more then you probably should.  Imagine it’s directly in front of you.  Imagine you haven’t eaten in 24 hours and you’re starving.  Imagine how great it would be to just reach out and stuff yourself with your favorite food.  Close your eyes and really experience the feelings you have while you’re eating it.

Now I want you to imagine your favorite food, but this time, I want you to imagine it has toxic waste all over it.

Imagine that if you were to eat this food, you would immediately be poisoned to death.  If this is too much of a stretch, imagine your favorite food, but imagine it has been sitting out for days, or it’s spoiled, or it has something on top of it that makes it completely undesirable.

Did you notice how your thought process changed?

Did you notice how you immediately couldn’t imagine yourself eating your favorite food?

Did you notice how one detail completely changed your desire?  How your desire disappeared completely?

That’s because we all have the ability to control the level at which we desire things at any given time.  You can use this thought process any time you want.  You can use this method of thinking if you’re having a hard time limiting foods that you love, that are calorically high, and low in nutrients.

Food Control –

Our minds are incredibly powerful.

Don’t let food control you.

I’m not saying you should completely eliminate your favorite food from your diet, just because it may not be considered the healthiest option available.  I’m just saying; don’t let yourself be controlled by the food you eat.  It’s okay to eat pizza and ice cream occasionally.  It’s not okay to eat pizza and ice cream every night.  It’s not okay for pizza and ice cream to control you, or your actions.

Never eliminate something you love to eat cold turkey, unless you absolutely want to, and have no problem doing so.  If you get to the point where soda doesn’t taste as good as it used to (because you’ve been drinking a lot more water and you feel much more hydrated), by all means – get rid of it.  But don’t quit something you’re used to eating and expect it to last forever.  You’re setting yourself up for failure.  You’re going to crave it, and want it immediately.  It’s not realistic.  It’s not sustainable.  If you’re eating brownies every day, and you’re trying to lose weight, consider having a brownie once a week.

Notice how you feel when you limit the foods that are high in calories, instead of completely eliminating them.  You won’t immediately crave those particular foods with ferociousness.

Test your impulses.  It’s difficult at first, but it does get easier with practice and patience.

Need a change? Change!

Just fudging do it already…

Change can be hard. Change is hard!

Accept that right now, no matter what level your health and fitness is, this is going to be a change.

Not many people welcome and invite change into their life on a regular basis.

In fact, most people would say they don’t particularly enjoy change.

People shy away from change. We will go out of our way to avoid changing something we’ve grown accustomed to, even if it’s a negative force in our life. And why is this? We as human beings tend to find safety in the routines of our daily lives. It’s very easy to become reliant on comfort and complacency.

If it were as simple as just changing every bad habit into a good habit overnight, then a lot more people would be implementing positive change into their lives all the time.

But, we all know it’s not that simple.

Breaking bad habits that you have conditioned yourself to follow for years is not going to be an easy task. Habits don’t take very long to form, but they can take years to break. That’s why I want you to make the promise to yourself now – and you WILL NOT break this promise to yourself – this very moment – before you even begin, that you will accept the changes that are about to take place in your life. No matter how challenging it may be in the beginning. No matter how challenging this process becomes.

No matter how many times you slip, and fall back into old detrimental habits. Accept that things must change. Accept this challenge. The challenge of exercise. The challenge of improving your self/body image.

The challenge of getting in shape.

Because if you do, you will be setting yourself up on a trajectory that could completely alter and improve the rest of your days on the Earth.

This change could be the catalyst that improves every single aspect of your life. I know that may seem like a fairly outrageous and sensational claim, but it’s absolutely true.

If you’re in need of a testimonial of the power of getting in shape, read mine:

4 years ago I weighed 235 pounds.


I wasn’t happy, I was drinking too much, and I was floating through life without any vision or hope for the future.  I was working a job that I absolutely hated, and that didn’t utilize my strengths.  I was lost.  I had lost my identity, and I didn’t have a sense of worth or purpose.  I was painfully insecure, and I felt alone.  It was a really confusing and painful time.

Then, one day, I decided that I needed to change.  I knew that at some point, if things were going to get better, I was going to have to get better.  I knew that I could no longer accept things as they were.  I could no longer accept the status quo that was my life.  I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but if my life was going to change in a positive way, I was going to need to take full responsibility for my life and change the negative aspects to better ones.  I started exercising.  At first I was only going twice a week.  It wasn’t enough.  My body didn’t respond.  I became discouraged and frustrated.  There were a couple weeks when I didn’t make it to the gym.  I would make the usual internal excuses, justify my behavior, and then move on with my day.  I struggled and I started over.

It wasn’t until I started working out with a couple friends who were personal trainers that things really started to click.  I learned how to properly lift weights.  I learned the benefits of strength and resistance training.  My personal trainer friends taught me the importance of using correct form, and lifting with intensity.  I stopped doing hours of monotonous cardio.  I started to push myself and step outside what was comfortable.  I started lifting 5 times a week.  Within a few weeks, I started to notice subtle changes in my body composition.  My muscles started to look more dense and defined.  I started to lose weight.  Once I saw even the smallest change in my body, I was hooked.  It motivated me and I knew I had to keep going.  So, I kept going.

I was persistent.  I was consistent.

I was on a mission, and I was driven.

Before I knew it, I had stopped taking my antidepressants – I had been taking a pill every day for 4 years to curve my anxiety.  I stopped drinking alcohol.  I had more energy than I had ever had before.  I felt happier, and generally more enthusiastic and positive about life.  I felt more confident.  My posture improved.  My sleep improved.  My memory improved.  My brain function improved.  I began to worry less, and plan more.  I started to eat better, and I made sure that I was hydrating myself properly.  Within a year, I was in the best shape of my life.  I believed in myself, and my future.  I quit the job I hated, and began to work for a company filled with people whom I admired and respected.  I found my passion in fitness.  I became a certified personal trainer.  Literally, every aspect of my life had improved because I made my health and fitness a priority.  I fell in love with my life again.

I decided that I was going to share my story, and try to inspire as many people as possible.  I want to serve people, and give whatever I can.  I want everyone to know they have the power to change their lives too.  Anyone can do what I did.  That’s why I’m so incredibly grateful TODAY knowing I have a clear sense of purpose and meaning in my life.  I’m so incredibly thankful that I made the decision to change my life for the better.  Of course, there will always be those momentary lapses when we lose clarity and focus.  Life will continue to throw curve balls, and there will surely be the inevitable setbacks.  But, I’ve never been more optimistic about the future, and I will fight to maintain positivity and optimism.  It’s worth the fight.  You are worth the fight.  Health and happiness are worth fighting for.  Never stop making yourself, your health and your growth a priority.  Everyone has the power to change their life for the better.

You just have to change your mind.

Everyone needs a personal trainer – and here’s why:

We all need a little guidance sometimes. With exercise, it’s crucial to have an objective person who can help explain which of the muscle groups need focus and attention, and how to safely and efficiently perform specific exercises that target those muscle groups. Some people choose to go it alone, and that’s OK. But, the people who choose to invest in hiring a personal trainer have a very distinct advantage when it comes to accomplishing their fitness goals. Below is a list of the reasons why you need a personal trainer.

1. You’re not sure where to start

Many of us have been there… You walk into the gym on that first day eager to start working out. You’ve signed up, and you’re ready to go. Then you turn around only to be greeted by a bunch of strange machines and daunting equipment. You’re lost. You have no clue where to even start. A personal trainer can eliminate this problem, because it is their job to lead you in the right direction. They will create a workout designed to specifically reach your goals. They will also demonstrate how to do all of the exercises, ensuring you are using proper form. Attempting to do an exercise without knowing how to perform the movement with proper form, can be dangerous and can lead to injury.

2. You’re not seeing results

There are some who might be going to the gym on a regular basis, but with little significant changes. Some people see significant results at first, but they may hit a plateau, and no longer be able to achieve the results they were after. A personal trainer can help tweak your workout routine, and give general advice concerning your diet that could make a huge difference, and help you see results much quicker. Sometimes people avoid certain exercises, or muscle groups entirely. A personal trainer will develop a routine that will cover the entire body, to ensure balance and efficiency. It is also the job of the trainer to push you past what you’re capable of doing on your own. It’s during these periods where you’ll really begin to see results.

3. Knowledge

An experienced trainer is going to teach you how to exercise properly. But, they should also be able to explain why you’re exercising a particular muscle group and why it’s beneficial to do it in a particular way. A trainer will explain why it’s important to use proper form, and what the negative effects of training with improper form are. An experienced trainer will have an understanding of the body, and how it is effected under varying degrees of stress that exercise puts on it.

4. You’re bored with your routine

This sort of ties into the 2nd point above. Often times people can get stuck in a rut with their workout routine. Perhaps they’ve been doing the same routine for a long period of time. A personal trainer can demonstrate a variety of exercises and routines that will shock the body out of it’s dormant phase. Remember, the only thing that is really occurring in the gym is the body acclimating to the stress that it endures. If your body is no longer stressed when doing the routine you’ve been doing, then it no longer needs to adapt to that particular stress. This is why it’s very important to switch up your routine and perform a wide variety of exercises. A trainer’s job is to make sure you’re performing a wide variety of exercises that will help you achieve your goals. A trainer can also introduce you to different ways of exercising, such as doing circuit training, or using specific machines that target muscle groups, or using free weights in various and effective ways.

5. You want to learn to exercise on your own

Some people would like to work out on their own, which is fine. But you didn’t start driving a car before you knew how to properly operate a moving vehicle. You had someone teach you how to do it safely. Exercising is no different. You want to make sure that you know how to properly perform each movement before you start doing them on your own. It is completely acceptable and reasonable to workout with a trainer for a specific amount of time, and then once you have a wide variety of exercises in mind that you can perform properly, you can start to exercise on your own without the help of a trainer. However, keep in mind that you need to stay focused and motivated if you’re going to attempt to workout without the help of your personal trainer. It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to consistently exercise alone. Remember, consistency is key.

6. You need to be challenged

A trainer is going to challenge you (and that’s the point). Very seldom will you push yourself as hard as a trainer will. One of the reasons we may not see results from our workout routine is because we’re not pushing ourselves. A trainer will be the encouraging voice that pushes you past your limits. A trainer will be the one who encourages you to lift heavier, run faster, jump higher, and push harder than you ever would have on your own. It will be in these times that you realize you had a lot more to give then you thought you did.

7. Accountability

Many people have a very difficult time finding the motivation to go to the gym on a regular basis. It’s amazing how much more motivating going to the gym can be when you know you have a standing appointment with a trainer. When you invest in personal training, you’re investing in time spent benefiting your health and well-being. Paying up front will help you stay on track. It’s very hard to skip a workout that you’ve already paid hard earned money for. Trainers hold their clients accountable.

8. You have a specific injury/illness/condition

Let’s say you have a specific condition like asthma, or arthritis, or any other type of illness or injury. An experienced trainer will help ensure you exercise safely. You may have an old injury that has never healed properly. Exercise may be the determining factor to eliminating the particular issue, and may also prevent it from happening again. Keep in mind, you want to find a trainer that has experience in dealing with your particular injury/illness/condition. You also want to speak with your doctor before beginning any workout routine, and often times your doctor will correspond with your personal trainer.

9. You need supervision and support during your workouts

A lot of people could use some support during their workouts. Whether it be accountability, motivation, proper demonstration, coaching, or nurturing… Personal trainers do a lot for their clients. A trainer will give you a plan of action for reaching your specific training goals, and they will also help implement that plan by being around you for the duration of each workout. A trainer will also be the one to spot you on heavier lifts, which is crucial to pushing past personal limitations.

10. You’re training for a specific sport/event

Many people reach out to personal trainers because they need very specific training. A trainer can help you get ready for a 5K, or a half marathon. A trainer will have a very specific method of training if you’re preparing for a particular sport or event. A trainer will also help you avoid over-training, and working out areas that don’t necessarily need a significant amount of attention.