So you’re on the fence about exercising…


It sounds awful and time consuming and painful and too difficult, and you’re too tired, and you just want to go home and relax and not think about anything, and you want to eat some ice cream and pass out on the couch and watch Netflix… and any other excuse you’ve created to stop you from even considering to dramatically improve the quality of your health and happiness.

There’s a reason people become such enthusiastic advocates of the gym… There’s a reason your best friend can’t stop posting inspirational fitness memes on her Facebook wall. Exercising feels great, and when done regularly, it will help you feel great. Which is why – you will then, in turn feel great about doing it. You may even become a gym rat.

Yes, you! You might be one of “those people” soon.

Exercising and working out is one of the few things in life that has very few negatives. There is probably a list somewhere that documents hundreds of reasons we ALL should be physically active on a regular basis, but for time’s sake, let’s start with 10:

  1. You’ll be happier.

Working out causes your body to secrete happy chemicals. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness. Exercise is the best natural way to increase your production of Dopamine. So exercise, and be happy.

  1. You’ll have less stress, and over time you’re body will adapt to handle stress better.

When you exercise, your body adapts to the stress imposed upon it.

Our bodies were created to do it. We’re incredibly resilient on purpose.

When you place demands on your body, it responds by getting stronger and more powerful.

Physical activity will also lead to the secretion of endorphins, which are natural pain and stress annihilators. Endorphins improve the quality of your sleep. There is a direct connection between your ability to get enough high quality sleep, and managing your stress levels.

You will also become (albeit unknowingly) more adept at avoiding injury in the real world if you are stronger, leaner, and more agile. People who are in shape have a much easier time bouncing back from injuries or surgeries as well.

  1. You’ll be more energized.

Studies have shown that exercise is very good at reducing feelings of fatigue, improving concentration, and at increasing your cognitive function. You’ll feel more alert and aware.

  1. You’ll live longer.

Being overweight, and living a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle is dangerous. It can shave years off of your life. Studies have shown that on average, people who spend 5 days a week performing moderate exercise for 30 minutes gain an average of over 3 years to their lifespan.

It’s not just about length of life though… it’s about quality of life. Do you want to look in the mirror without shuddering? Do you want to live a healthy life?

  1. You’ll sleep better.

Endorphins. Remember?

Not to mention the fact that if you’re working out with intensity, you’re going to be wore out by the time you hit the sheets.

  1. You’ll boost your confidence.

When you’re body changes, you change.

There are so many of us who have felt uncomfortable in our own skin at one point in our lives. Working out is something you can take full control of.

You own it.

When we feel in control of our bodies and minds, our self-worth increases. When our self-worth increases, so does our confidence. Self-esteem is a right we all deserve.

Working out for a consistent period of time with an effective/balanced workout regimen is going to change your body. You’re going to look better, and feel better.

  1. You’ll have a more positive attitude, seriously.

I may be a tad bit biased, but I truly believe EVERYTHING good in life usually starts with exercise. I don’t think you can have a truly content/healthy/balanced mind (or even overall view of life and the world) without first maintaining and sustaining a strong and healthy body.

It starts with the vessel. The machine needs to work – optimally, and efficiently.

Exercising and working out is the catalyst for achieving all of the other great things life has to offer. When you adopt this ideology, even if it’s on a subconscious level, you will have a better outlook, and a generally more positive view of your reality.

  1. You’ll improve your memory and learning skills.

Brain health is important.

We’re just now discovering how to improve the brain’s ability to function long-term, as well as decrease the likelihood of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Exercising is a fundamental part of ensuring our brains are healthy and functioning properly.

Besides making you feel more alert, exercising can improve your memory, and your ability to learn new skills. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise on a regular basis can increase the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory and learning.

  1. You’ll have better posture.

Our body is very good at adopting bad posture. We live/work hunched in front of a computer screen, with a set of constantly rounded shoulders, day after day.

This position is terrible for our bodies (not to mention, it hurts like hell).

There are countless exercises you can perform that can not only correct your posture over time, but can also alleviate your lower back issues, ensuring your shoulders stay down and back in a comfortable and healthy position.

  1. You’ll be healthier!

A healthy mind, body and spirit will lead to the overall improvement of your quality of life.

It’s about committing to that idea and striving for it on most days.

It’s worth it, and more importantly – YOU ARE WORTH IT.